Solar energy, a big step to freedom


Rool'in will soon announce a crowdfunding for the preview launch of a hybrid bike. Official presentation October 2018 in Montrouge (France)!

You are :

- attached to the future of the planet, so to your environment,

- convinced that the new means of "clean" travel are a solution to clean up and make our cities more fluid,

- attentive to combine performance, pleasure and freedom of movement,

- convinced that talking about it is good but that acting is better.

You wish :

- support a start-up offering innovative products

- Be among the first to ride with a design bike, high-tech energy-autonomous,

- combine ecology, innovation and technology


More information: Sun-e-bikes.com

 or 01 42 04 52 33


Un partenariat majeur

  • Design
  • Brevet européen
  • Conception
  • Prototypage
3 usines en Europe dont 1 à Romilly-sur-Seine en France, 1 millions de vélos par an, des marques reconnues telles que Gitane, Peugeot, Bianchi, etc ...

  • Industralisation
  • Fabrication (à Romilly-sur-Seine)
  • Commercialisation
  • Après-vente
  • Système breveté de recharge solaire multi-faces et ultra-rapide
  • Chargement en roulant ou à l'arrêt
  • Durée de vie des cellules solaires > 10 ans
  • Batterie Li-Ion tampon de 420 Wh (option 500Wh)
  • Moteur pédalier 250 W
  • Poids 25 Kg

Advantages of electric mobility


For those who wish to enjoy the comfort of electric assistance by combining performance and autonomy.


With Rool'in our customers more use their bikes for trips to nearby reducing the ecological footprint. In addition, keeping your little queen and its setting, it avoids creating additional waste to the planet.


Elegance in harmony with performance. The aesthetics of high-end products will seduce you at first glance.


We offer the best price / performance ratio on the market both with the electric wheel and for our bikes with Bosch motors and batteries.


Our wheels and electric bicycles are approved, they meet the european standard (EN 15194) which allows you to drive everywhere.


The added value of the electric assistance is indisputable, it will allow you to use your bike more and increase the distances of your trips easily. The assistance ensure you optimum comfort whatever the relief.

Choose your electric kit unerringly

To purchase your electric wheel to your bike, you must first choose the right size.
Here's how to know the size of your wheel: on the side of your bike wheels, you will find the indication of the diameter of the wheel is expressed in mm 495, 650, 700, or inches respectively 20 ', 26', 28 '. See figure below:
tailles roues anglais
Les vélos VTT  et vélo de femme reçoivent les kits de roue électrique 26 pouces. Les vélos de ville sont complétés avec des roues 28 pouces, les vélos pliables avec des roues 20 pouces.
La roue électrique vélo en kit est livrée entièrement équipée et s’installe en quelques minutes.
Vous pouvez aisément profiter des avantages de l’Assistance Électrique pour vos déplacements en ville ou à la campagne. 
Les sportifs apprécieront le fait que l’aide est débrayable.
Rool'in rend votre vélo high-tech, économique et performant. Roulez devient un jeu d’enfant.

ATVs and women bikes receive electric wheel sets 26 inches. City bikes are complemented with 28-inch wheels, folding bikes with 20 inch wheels.

The electric bicycle wheel kit comes fully equipped.

Sports lovers will appreciate the fact that the aid is disengaged.

Rool'in makes your high-tech bike, economic and efficient. Drive becomes a pushover.

The « SMART » model

Fourche Rool'in Smart vélo électrique


We invite you to read 3 measures to respect for a perfect installation:

- The distance down the fork should be 100 mm (you can play up to 8 mm on the distance of the fork with washers)

- And 82 mm to 105 mm from the bottom (you can play up to 8 mm on the distance of the fork with washers)

- The diameter of the fork lug must be 10 mm

And it's very simple:

1) Download the mobile application entitled "Rool'in" available on Apple store and the Play store.

2) Set the wireless speed sensor on the opposite side of the chain to the pedal crank. Assistance works as soon as you pedal.

3) Establish the connection between the sensor and your mobile device (see manual).

The app has additional features (average speed, mileage on a run, total distance, ...) and will become the indispensable partner of all your walks.

With this wireless system, the detection of your movements is amplified, the electric assistance is instantaneous and fluid.

Buy the Smart

The « Original » model

 Check measures at your fork as above in the section Version "SMART".

 In addition, the kit comes with 2 mounting options for the pedal sensor or sensor 



1) Adjustable clamp system
attache elastique anglais

2) System with elastic

- The magnetic disc (D) also requires a space of 4 mm to be able to insert between the edge of the bottom bracket and pedal by clipping directly.

Buy the Original

For more information on the electric wheel, contact us by phone at  01 42 04 52 33 or mail.