Terms of Sales

These general terms and conditions of sale are applicable to any purchase concluded on Rool’in website.


Article 1: Order and general terms and conditions of sales

Prior to any transaction, you acknowledge that you have read these general terms and conditions of sales and you unreservedly declare agreeing with them, as soon as you click on the box “confirm my order”.


With the validation of your order, you acknowledge that you have the full legal capacity to engage you under these terms and conditions.

We inform you that when you order products online, your agreement concerning the content of these general conditions does not require handwritten signature.

We regularly update general terms and conditions of sale to match them with your needs and with legislation in force. The general terms and conditions which will be applied to your order will be those accepted at the time of your order.

If general terms and conditions change when the order is placed, we only apply these new terms and conditions with your knowledge and consent.


You have the ability to load, save or print these general conditions. For the sake of prudence, we recommend that you keep the version of the general terms and conditions when the order is placed.


Contract of sale of goods purchased on Rool’in webiste only includes general terms and conditions of sale on force when the order is placed, to the exclusion of any other document, except if an express agreement has been given by Rool’in.

No particular conditions laid down by the buyer can prevail against these general conditions, except express acceptance.

The fact that Rool’in does not boast about these clauses of general conditions of sales doest not have to be interpreted as renunciation of the right of subsequently enforce the general terms and condition of sales.

Contact Rool'in :

Rool'in client service :

Tel: +33(0)1 42 04 52 33

After sales service: contact@rool-in.com



Article 2: Rool’in offers


2.1. Product availability


Our articles and prices are available when they are visible on the site and according to the stock quantity left, only for mainland France, Corsica and Monaco.

Information about product availability is provided when you place your order and will be reminded on the recap.

As this informations comes directly from logistic warehouses, some errors or unusual modifications can occur.

For products which are not stored in our warehouses, our offer are only valid after the verification of  the manifacturing times for concerned model.

For product which are not immediately available, an estimated availability date will be sent to you as soon as possible by email.

If products are unavailable after order has been placed, the client will be informed by email as soon as possible. We will let you know the estimated delivery period.

The order will remain valid and Rool’in reserves the right to broken down or not the dispatch of your order.

Rool’in reserves to cancel as a whole or in part any order if a product unavailability is extented.

In the case of a payment by credit card, only delivered product amount will be debited to your account, the remain will be debited when others ordered products will be sent to you. However, if the product momentarily unavailable become permanently unavailable, you will be notified by email and we may offer to you an equivalent product. You will always be completely free to accept or reject the equivalent product.


2.2   Identification and description of products


The agreement on the offer is based on the descriptive form of the product. In the case of conflict with associated picture or commercial video, description will have a higher value to determine offer content. We would like to draw your attention to the installation of Rool’in:


- The Original : the spacing at the front fork end must be 100 mm, 94 mm d'entraxe à 23 mm du bas de la fourche et de 82 mm à 105 mm du bas de la fourche. Le diamètre the front fork hub doit être de 10 mm. Au niveau du pédalier, 4 mm d’écartement entre la manivelle de la pédale et le cadre du vélo. 


- The SMART : the spacing must be de 100 mm au niveau du bas de la fourche, 94 mm d'entraxe à 23 mm du bas de la fourche et de 82 mm à 105 mm du bas de la fourche.  The diameter of the front fork hub must be 10 mm. 

2.3   Product conformity to the legislation in force

All the products and manufacturers are in accordance with legislation and applicable standards in France.

Rool’in kit meets the french and belgian standards.

For purchases to export, you have to take your own responsability, check the specificity of laws in force in the concerned country, wheter for taxes, statements, prohibition, etc. Our responsability won’t be involved in case of non compliance with legislation of the country of delivery and use. You can check with local authorities the use and importation possibilities.


2.4   Purchases for business use

In the case of purchases for business use, it is important to check compatibility of performance with projected uses. Rool’in would not be in charge with prejudices relating to the use of products it sells for professionnal activities.


2.5   Product warranty

The products sold by Rool’in are new and have no defects.


Article 3: Order

3.1   Information requirements

You must verify the completeness and the compliance of the informations you give us when ordering (especially regarding the delivery adress). We won’t be held responsible for any possible mistakes and consequences (for instance, delays or delivery errors). In this context, you will take over the return charges.

Supplying personnally identifiable information is obligatory in the framework of distance selling, such information is necessary for precessing and delivering orders, as well as establishment of the bills and warranty contracts. If some information is not provided, the order won’t be effective.


3.2   Validation of  the transaction

After placing an order, you will receive an email from us acknowledging that we have received your order and pointing you the details of your order. This acknowledgement will give you the exact sum invoiced and means and time of delivery. This acknowledgement shall express Rool’in acceptance of the order and validate the transaction.

In the unlikely event you don’t reveive this email, please get in touch with our customer care team to check your order is valid.


3.3   Anti-fraud controls

To ensure the security of transaction and to avoid fraud relating to distance selling, we will do random control on order.

In the case of a random control, we will invite you by email to send use some elements:

-a copy (or picture) of a validate ID document or passport carrying the name of the bank card bearer of the payment

-a copy (or picture) of the bank card of the transaction. Only the name of the bearer have to appear (hide number of the card)

-in the case you paid with an e-card, send us a proof of adress (EDF invoice, internet invoice, home phone invoice…) under 3 months.

We also offer you the possibility to pay with an alternate payment method (cheques or bank transferts).

For important online orders, you may have to give us a written confirmation. You will receive by email a pre-filled order form, print it and return it duly signed and dated.

Your order will be shipped upon receipt of your order form duly completed. If such a confirmation is asked, the debit of your account will happen on usual conditions: see article 4.

This practice is in accordance with our bilateral cooperation policy regarding transaction safety.


Article 4: Payment of the price

4.1   Prices

To the commercial website (with the exception of professional access) prices on Rool’in site are in euro including taxes, delivery charges and related costs.

Regarding the professional orders, prices are in euro, transportation is independant from order quantities.

Prices can vary during the year, products will be invoiced and paid on the basis of the prices in force when the order has been placed.


4.2   Methods of payment

When validating your order, an array of suggested mode of payment are indicated in the site:

-bank card

- PayPal ?

-bank order (only for pro)

The periods of availability and shipping begin from the date of receipt of payment method.


4.3   Online payment

Through the validation of the order, you garantee that you have the necessary permissions to use your desired payment method.

We certify that your credit card data are encrypted thanks to “Sogenactif” of Société Générale, and are never sent through the network and Rool’in server in clear.

Payment is made directly through the bank.

A summary email notifying you the validation of the order form will be send to you concerned bank would have give its payment agreement. In the case of refusal of the concerned bank, order will be suspended and you will be prevented by email, even if you already have received an acknowledgement of the order.


4.4   Priciple of total payment

Appart from possible special offer suggested in the website, payment is due in full when the order is placed.

The sums collected will not be considered as deposit.

An order will be perceived as complete when all products have been shipped and delivered and all the payment and transportation cost have been done.

As a result, we shall have the right to refuse a delivery or order if you don’t have completely or partly paid a previous order, or in the case of conflict of payment. We conserve the complete ownership on the product until the effective payment of the full price (charges and taxes are included).

Nevertheless, after the receipt of the goods, the burden of risk is shifted to you. So, you have to take care ot the good conservation of the products.


Article 5: Delivery

5.1   Method of transportation

The products are delivered to the shipping adress you provided during the process order (only mainland France, Corsica and Monaco).

Participation to transportation costs is detailled and indicated before validation of order.


5.2   Details of delivery

Delivery details are averages of delivery times and are indicated when the order is validated. This period of time is not a strict time limit. Delivery time is generaly less than 5 days (excluding week-end and public holidays) for products in stock. For products which are not stored in our warehouses, our offers are valid subject to availability from our suppliers. For products which are not immediately available (out of stock in our suppliers warehouses), an estimated delivery time will be indicated on our website.

If an ordered product is temporarily unavailable, Rool’in has the right to split or not the sending of the order.

If the product momentarily unavailable become permanently unavailable, the order will be automatically cancelled and several proposals may be offered to you (see article 2.1 Product availability).

Orders paid by postal money order will be precessed upon reception of payment. The periods of availability and shipping will start from the date of registration of this mode of payment. Delivery by carriers are realised from monday to friday. Shipping are realised from monday to friday.


5.3   Delivery delay

If your delivery is delayed for more than 15 working days after the shipping date indicated by email, you are invited to indicate this delay by contacting our Costumers service at the following adress: contact@rool-in.com.

We will open an investigation with the carrier concerned to obtain the location of your package. If your package is recovered, it will be reshipped to your home in the shortest deadline. On the opposite case and once the transportation company has declared the package as lost, we will ship the order again or in a case of definitive unavailability, we will refund the collected sums in accordance with the general terms and conditions of sales.


Article 6: Receipt of order

6.1   Precautions at receipt time

Goods are transported under recepients’ responsability. If reservation are not properly formulated on the deliver waybill, files won’t be taken into account by insurrances and won’t be subject to compensation.

What you have to do at delivery time in the presence of the deliver:

-verify that the number of packages is in accordance with the waybill

-verify general good conditions of the package

-in the presence of the deliver, check the content of the package

-check broken, damaged or missing items

-indicate on the waybill, for each damaged article, its reference and the number of broken items

-make the deliver sign the waybill

-inform us by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt within 3 days for missing or damage, in order to make claims to insurer and to reship you in better deadline.

What should not be done:

-check the package after deliver had left

-just put a reservation as “subject to unpacking”, “packing disrepair”, “damaged package”…, it’s imprecise and without any value. Every exchange or repairing take into account information on delivery order. No precise reservation: no taking up.

Deliver must see package opening.

We stress on the quality of the preparation of our shipment with several controls.

Every claims for broken, damaged or missing articles will be rejected if there is no reservation on the delivery order.

It is your responsability to control the delivery.

If products require to be sent back to us, you will make a return request on our webiste, in your section “constumer”, after login, in the section ‘contact”, you will formulate your claim in a comment space. The return will be in accordance with article 7.

In every case, precautions don’t block legal warranties and right of withdrawal.


If you entrust receipt to a third person (concierge, hostess…), this person will receive the package in your own name and for your own account. Tell this person to be vigilant with precaution.


6.2   Delivery mistakes

Recipient mistakes:

In the case you receive delivery which are not apply to you, keep the package in conditions and alert our costumer service. On our webiste, on section “costumer”, after login, in section “contact” you will formulate your claim in comment space.

Non compliance of the product delivered with order.

In the event of non compliance of the product delivered in connection with the order, alert our costumer service. On our website, in section “costumer”, after loging, in section “contact” you will formulate your claims in comment space. You will have to detail causes of non-compliance.


Article 7: General return modality

7.1   Attribution of a return number

We will do everything possible in shorter deadlines to rectify potential problems. To ensure a better return processing, efficiency of diagnosis, rapidity of Rool’in intervention, an application for return has to be done by contacting after-sales service at the following adress: www.rool-in/contacter/service client.

Be vigilant: packages without return number will be processed 5 days minimum after receipt.

Some documents linked to the package may be reclaimed. So keep all received elements (as packing) until we solve claims.


7.2   Complete return of order

When the order is returned, we recommend you to put a packing over the original one because we only take back products entirely (accesory, guarantee card, operating manual, sheet,…) with their packing. The whole has to be intact, without traces of uses and in good conditions.

Warning: always keep packaging of the products. “La poste” and all carriers will not delivered products if they are not packaged in manipulable carboard box.

You have to supply a copy of the bill with return.

The return number must clearly appear on the package.

Possible exchange or refund presume that you did not have damaged the package and that it is complete.


7.3   Risks involved in retourning

We draw your attention on the fact that you have to return the product:

-by declaring the value, as it appears on the bill

-making sure there is ap erfect insurance coverage, linked to the bill.


7.4   Return of parts under guarantee

In accordance with article 9.4, Rool’in does not take over shipping costs of warranted parts to be fixed or to be changed.

After receiving parts to be changed or fixed, they will be returned to you without any cost with “colissimo” or other proper methods.

In the case of the return of a complete bike, you need to support necessary packaging and delivery costs (back and forth). Guarantee is limited to take over of workforces and delivery of spare parts.

In the case of huge products as a bike, you can ask Rool’in that a specialised partner carrier take the package at your home and bring it back, but it is under your responsability and costs.

Costs associated with such a processing are always communicated in advance and are subject to an invoicing which has to be paid before commitment of removal proceeding.


7.5   In the case of error

After receipt of a justified request, we will assign a return number to the concerned product. This number will be communicated.

It there is a delivery mistake, you must return all the product by collisimo or by any necessary method depending on the product. To obtain the refund of the return, send us invoice and your bank account number within 15 days after return. For large delivery, intervention of a specialised carrier is necessary. We will take care of recover products at your home.

In every case, the refund of a collisimo used for a return can’t exceed 15 euros (all taxe included).

Returns have to be quickly adressed to our after-sales service with their original packaging, complete (see article 7.2), in good conditions, with apparent return number on the package and the return form in the package.

In every case, choose an adapted second packaging.


Article 8: special arrangements for return for retractation – “Satisfied or money back” guarantee

8.1   Time limit for withdrawal

If you change your mind, you have 14 clear days, starting the day after you receive the order, to return us the order with your own expenses.

When the time has expired, you can’t use this right anymore.


8.2   Exercice of the right to withdraw

To ensure the best treatment of return, a return request will have to be done by indicating the pattern without the need of motivation, and by contacting the costumer service (contact@rool-in.com).

In the case of the exercise of the right to withdraw, we will send you an email, within 15 days after receipt in our warehouses, with a voucher of the same amount that the product you sent back. If you prefer to be refunded instead of receiving voucher, please ask after-sales service by sending us banking informations. No refund may be made by cheque. This right of withdrawal is exercised without penalty and without the need to indicate motivation. Nevertheless, return shipping costs are at your own expense.

The order you send back have to be complete and in good conditions (see article 7.2 and 7.3).


8.3   Effect of the right to withdraw

In the case of exercise of the right to withdraw, we will try to send you a voucher or to do the refund as soon as possible.


8.4   Restrictions

If you want to retract any purchase, you have to send it to us in accordance with article 7.

Products sent to us which are not in accordance with article 7 will never be refund. In that case, we will warn you and products will be returned to you in your own expense.


Article 9: Guarantee of products

9.1   Manufacturers’ warranty

Products purchased on our website profit from guarantee provided in technical data sheet. Manufacturers’ guarantee can vary. The warranty becomes effective at the date of delivery and runs for duration foreseen by technical data sheet.

Wheels (Rool’in): engine and battery: 2 years warranty (1 year for battery).

Helmets Torch sold by Rool’in : 2 years warranty (LED and battery 1 year)

Regarding modalities and payment of transportation of parts and products (back and forth) by carriers or by postal service see article 9.4.

To be able to profit from product warranty, you have to keep invoice and packaging.

If you have questions about any problem or about after-sales service, you can contact the after-sales service on the website.



9.2   Legal guarantee of the hidden defects

Provided that you give the proof of the hidden defects, Rool’in have to repair all the consequences (article 1641 et seq. of the civil code).

If you have difficulties, you can seek an amicable solution, before any legal action, with the help of:

-a consumer association

-a professional organisation of the sector

-any other council.

The research of amicable solution will not interrupt legal guaranty time. Rool’in legal garantee does not excluded the manufacturers’ legal guarantee.


9.3   Implementation ot the guarantees

To any legal or contractual warranty, return is in accordance with article 7 above.

Costs and risks linked to return of the product or its forwarding are assumed by you, with the exeption of delivery mistakes. Don’t forget to join the return of material, you have to contact the costumer service. To accelerate the warranty process, we advise you to discribe origin and circumstances of the problem, accompagnied where necessary by good quality photograph. It will permit to reduce waiting time to solve the issue.


9.4   Limit of the guarantee

The return costs to our workshop are your responsability. Nevertheless, you can take advantage of our transportation service if you can’t or do not want to deal with transportation. The cost of this service of transportation will be invoiced before the beginning of the transportation. The packaging of the product won’t be done by a third person.

After being repaired or exchanged, products are at our disposal in our specific space in Villejust (91). If you cannot come and if you don’t have any solution of transportation, you can take advantage of our service of transportation. The costs involved will be invoiced before the beginning ot transportation.

The proof of a weathering, a damage caused by negligence, a deterioration or a not adapted usage will make the manufacturers’ guarantee ineffective, (for example, by prolonged inactivity, the battery MUST be charged every 30 days ideally, and at least 60 days, otherwise the warranty no longer applies to product).

The guarantee does not take into account: test of time, costs for transportation, sporting achievements, off-roading and all the consequences of an improper use. In the same way, as soon as any intervention on the product causes appearance of total or partial damage, guarantee is void, even in case of force majeure.

In every case, product can be returned to you in the same conditions. Manufacturers’ warranty and an additionnal warranty shall not deprive purchaser and costumer of the legal guarantee (particularly guarantee for hidden effect and legal guarantee of conformity).


9.5   Checks carried out at the time of all return

At return on workshop, a technical sheet is automaticaly filled by Rool’in technician. The purpose of that card is to note the condition of the product at its arrival and to register eventual apparent damage. If there are marks of shot or deterioration when Rool’in takes charge of products, they will be recorded . In that way, Rool’in is released from responsability and from motivating possible refusal of return.



Article 10: responsability


Rool’in cannot be responsible for material, immaterial or physical damages resulting from:

-misure of product

-non-compliance of instructions indicated in operating instructions

-operating errors

-inappropriate or non-compliant use of the product

-any cause of exterior origin.

Any irresistible, unpreductable and beyond the parties control facts or circumstances are regarded as coincidence or force majeure which exempt Rool’in from responsability.


Article 11: personal data

In accordance with the french law “informatique et liberté” number 78-17 of january 1978, you have individual right to access or rectify data concerning you. You can exercise this right by sending a letter to: Rool’in 2A rue Danton, 92120 Montrouge.

Depending on your choices selected when opening or consulting your account, you are likely to receive offers from our company or partners. If you no longer wish it, you can modify these choices in your client account on the site or in writing us at adress here below.

We inform you that this automatic treatment of informations, particularly users’ email management, is subject to a declaration to the CNIL.


Article 12: Proof of transactions

Except in case of contrary proofs, our computer records stored in reasonable secure conditions will be the proof of communication, orders and payment effected.

The archiving of your order forms and invoices is done on reliable and long lasting support in order to provide a legal evidence.

If you purchase over 120 euros, you can have access to archival storage on simple request.


Article 13: Identity

Rool’in company

Headquarters : 29 rue Eugène Eichenberger, 92800 PUTEAUX France

Office : 2A rue Danton, 92120 MONTROUGE France

Logistics center : 32 Avenue de l’Océanie, 91140 VILLEJUST Frances


Article 14: Applicable law

All clauses in these terms and conditions of sale, all sales and purchases to which they apply and all dispute that may arise with an order and follow-up are submitted to french law.

Should one or more clauses of these General conditions be deemed invalid or declared as such pursuant to the law, a decree or regulations or as the result of a definitive ruling by a competent court, the other clauses will retain their full force and scope.

Your questions, our answers

I’m asking a question, I make a note

The Rool'in team will personally answer you by email.
If your question is of general interest for other users, it will be published, preserving your anonymity.

Choose your electric kit unerringly

To purchase your electric wheel to your bike, you must first choose the right size.
Here's how to know the size of your wheel: on the side of your bike wheels, you will find the indication of the diameter of the wheel is expressed in mm 495, 650, 700, or inches respectively 20 ', 26', 28 '. See figure below:
tailles roues anglais
Les vélos VTT  et vélo de femme reçoivent les kits de roue électrique 26 pouces. Les vélos de ville sont complétés avec des roues 28 pouces, les vélos pliables avec des roues 20 pouces.
La roue électrique vélo en kit est livrée entièrement équipée et s’installe en quelques minutes.
Vous pouvez aisément profiter des avantages de l’Assistance Électrique pour vos déplacements en ville ou à la campagne. 
Les sportifs apprécieront le fait que l’aide est débrayable.
Rool'in rend votre vélo high-tech, économique et performant. Roulez devient un jeu d’enfant.

ATVs and women bikes receive electric wheel sets 26 inches. City bikes are complemented with 28-inch wheels, folding bikes with 20 inch wheels.

The electric bicycle wheel kit comes fully equipped.

Sports lovers will appreciate the fact that the aid is disengaged.

Rool'in makes your high-tech bike, economic and efficient. Drive becomes a pushover.

The « SMART » model

Fourche Rool'in Smart vélo électrique


We invite you to read 3 measures to respect for a perfect installation:

- The distance down the fork should be 100 mm (you can play up to 8 mm on the distance of the fork with washers)

- And 82 mm to 105 mm from the bottom (you can play up to 8 mm on the distance of the fork with washers)

- The diameter of the fork lug must be 10 mm

And it's very simple:

1) Download the mobile application entitled "Rool'in" available on Apple store and the Play store.

2) Set the wireless speed sensor on the opposite side of the chain to the pedal crank. Assistance works as soon as you pedal.

3) Establish the connection between the sensor and your mobile device (see manual).

The app has additional features (average speed, mileage on a run, total distance, ...) and will become the indispensable partner of all your walks.

With this wireless system, the detection of your movements is amplified, the electric assistance is instantaneous and fluid.

Buy the Smart

The « Original » model

 Check measures at your fork as above in the section Version "SMART".

 In addition, the kit comes with 2 mounting options for the pedal sensor or sensor 



1) Adjustable clamp system
attache elastique anglais

2) System with elastic

- The magnetic disc (D) also requires a space of 4 mm to be able to insert between the edge of the bottom bracket and pedal by clipping directly.

Buy the Original

For more information on the electric wheel, contact us by phone at  01 42 04 52 33 or mail.